Courageous Bi Men Dare to Be Visible

Posted on October 19th, 2014 by Loraine Hutchins

Bi men tell their stories in two new books.

Two books about male bisexuality were recently published, and I encourage everyone to read them.

“Fire Shut Up in My Bones” by Charles Blow

Charles Blow

Thank you for making bisexuality visible, Charles Blow.  Your memoir has sparked a more enlightened conversation about bi men.  It has the potential to open the minds of many.  Too often, men like you are rendered invisible by a society that only sees gay or straight.  Thank you, Mr. Blow, for coloring in the immense middle ground between those polarities.  Your prose sings.  There are so many who have stories like this but rarely see their experiences represented in print.  I especially like how you show the reader that there is no one way to be bi, that there is no one definition; that there are many different ways to understand oneself, express oneself and explore oneself in relationship to others, regardless of the labels we use.  I want to read more of your work.  And I will recommend your book to all my students, mentors, colleagues, and friends.

“Recognize: The Voices of Bisexual Men” edited by Robyn Ochs and H. Sharif Williams

co-editors Williams & Ochs

What an inspirational and stimulating collection!  Bisexual men are beautiful.  Since the mid-90s when some of the most wonderful people in my life (often bi men) were dying much too early, I’ve longed for them to be able to tell their stories.  As I tell my students, even though it’s rough being an out bi woman, being out of the closet as a bi man is twice as hard.  Why?  Because bi men have less societal support, and they have to constantly prove themselves and defend their masculinity.  I’m grateful for bi men who have the courage to speak their truth.  I especially enjoyed reading about the brave, funny, smart, thoughtful, caring, and fascinating men in this book.  Their incredible diversity of voices is one of this book’s many charms.  There’s something here for everyone.  If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a bi man, read this book.  If you are a bi man or someone who loves one, you’ll love this book too.  I guarantee it.


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