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  • Talking about the LGBTQ Life in DC…

    The DC Public Library invited me to be part of a panel discussion about our vibrant Washington DC LGBTQ community, its history, evolution and trends.  I’m looking forward to an engaging discussion with panel members Mark Joseph Stern (Slate), Andrew Sullivan (The Daily Dish), Philip Pannell (community activist) and our attendees. Please join us at [...]

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  • Bisexual? Fluid? It’s your week to celebrate!

    So now we’ve got a Bisexual Awareness Week?  Give us a day and we take a whole week!  Sure.  Why not?  This is the beginning of a whole  week when bisexual people are encouraged to celebrate themselves; to “come out,” letting everyone see just how varied, ordinary and average we really are.  Then the formally [...]

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  • BECAUSE Brings Bisexuals Together

    Surround me with a few hundred bisexuals for a whole weekend, and I relax like I haven’t in a long time, feeling empowered and supported.  Even after all these years as an out bisexual, being with so many bi comrades who understand our unique challenges and care about our community is still a rare experience.  [...]

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