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  • On World AIDS Day 2014 . . . I remember

    I read something about it in 1981.  A newspaper report about a mysterious rare cancer found in 41 gay men. I’d returned to DC in August 1980 from the International Black Hills Survival Gathering outside Rapid City, SD, where we—the environmental activists, American Indian Movement leaders, ranchers, and concerned scientists, academics and clergy—were trying to […]

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  • Discovering my bisexuality

    The Invisible Bisexual is a contributor on my blog.  She is a real person, sharing honest comments about her experiences as a closeted bisexual.  ~Loraine Hutchins My sensual awakening happened long before I understood that there were strict rules attached to one’s apparent gender and discovered that a lot of creepy stigma was directed at […]

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  • Courageous Bi Men Dare to Be Visible

    Two books about male bisexuality were recently published, and I encourage everyone to read them. “Fire Shut Up in My Bones” by Charles Blow Thank you for making bisexuality visible, Charles Blow.  Your memoir has sparked a more enlightened conversation about bi men.  It has the potential to open the minds of many.  Too often, […]

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